Student Services


Internal Support


Brisbane Professional College requires all new students who are commencing their course to attend an Orientation Session prior to the commencement of study. Orientation Sessions are held each month on the scheduled intake date. The scheduled orientation date is detailed on the Student’s Written Agreement. A reminder email is sent to all new students commencing with the College to provide the details of the Orientation Session. At Orientation, students will be required to provide their updated contact details and complete some quality control questionnaires. An Orientation officer will conduct the Orientation session which will cover the major topics of:

- Course timetable, curriculum, duration, assessments and deliverables;

- Student obligations – attendance and course progress;

- Student Identification Cards and public transport discounts; and

- College support services.

Student Support Officer

Brisbane Professional College has a dedicated Student Support Officer who is responsible for assisting students with any concerns that they may have with their course or any aspect of their personal life.

The College has a dedicated 24 hour mobile phone number 0423468602 available for students to contact should they need assistance outside of regular business hours. Students generally seek help with course related matters such as seeking an extension of time to complete an assessment or to seek help regarding a payment plan for their tuition fees.

External Support

Counselling Services
Please refer to the International Student Handbook for a detailed list of the external services available.