Brisbane Professional College is located in the State of Queensland’s Capital City of Brisbane. Brisbane is a multiculturally diverse City with a population of approximately 2.3 million people.

Brisbane is a vibrant City with a plethora of restaurants, cafes and bars with a range of multicultural themes and cuisines. Being the State’s Capital, Brisbane is the commercial hub of Queensland and is conveniently located to the major tourist attractions of the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. The beaches at the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are renowned worldwide for their golden sand and clear blue water providing a fantastic day trip or weekend away from the City life. Brisbane is well connected with the world with the Brisbane International Airport located within 15km of the central business district and connected with a dedicated airport train link and ground transportation comprising taxis and buses.

Australia has the third highest number of international students in the world. At the most recent Census, Australia’s population was recorded as 23 million people comprising a broad cultural mix of over 200 cultures speaking more than 280 languages. Australians are welcoming of visitors and migrants to share the natural wonders Australia has to offer.

Australia boasts golden sand surf beaches, rainforests and the rigid Australian outback all within a few hours drive of each other or a convenient flight between the various centres.

Australians are keen sporting fans with a love of Rugby League and the great outdoors with the average Summer temperatures ranging between 28 and 32 degrees and 6 and 28 degrees during Winter.

Australia is home to world leading Universities which upon graduation from BPC, Students can articulate to a tertiary degree with a partner university to provide a leading edge tertiary education.