Please complete the RPL application and provide the following documents in order for your Application to be assessed:

    current Resume;
    Employer Reference Letters;
    Any evidence of work such as photos, videos orlogbooks

Once you have submitted your Application, a College representative will contact you to discuss the RPL process.

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 BSB50215 (Diploma of Business) BSB60215 (Advance Diploma of Business) BSB51915 (Diploma of Leadership and Management) AUR30616 (Cert III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology)

Previous Qualifications

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Employment History (Current Employer)

Employment History (Previous Employer)


Payment Detail

A non-refundable $500 RPL application fee is required at the time of application in order for the application to be assessed. This fee will be offset against the total RPL fee once the RPL process has been completed.

Payment can be made via Bank Transfer or via credit card

Brisbane Professional College Pty Ltd

Application Assessment Fee $500 (non-refundable) – please use surname as reference

Bendigo Bank
633 000
156 193 856

Student Declaration

I declare that the information I have provided on this form, is correct and that I have read, fully understand and accept the information advised in the Brisbane Professional College Student Handbook and agree to be bound by them and that I accept the financial commitment of the tuition fees above and agree to pay these fees as they fall due.