Student Accommodation

There is a wide range of student accommodation options available to international students in Queensland, including:

  • Homestay, a popular type of accommodation. Students live with Australian families who provide a furnished room and up to three meals a day. Costs can vary, but are generally around A$200-A$260 a week, with a one-off placement fee of approximately A$195-$210.
  • Rental accommodation. Price will vary depending on the type, standard and location of the property. As a guide, a two-bedroom apartment could cost between A$300 and A$400 per week, and a three-bedroom house could cost between A$350 to A$A500 per week.
  • Shared accommodation with other students, a popular option because it reduces living expenses and fosters a supportive environment. The price for accommodation varies on the type, standard and location. The cost of renting a room varies depending on the location and length of stay, but is generally between A$100 to A$220 per week. There is usually no bond or lease required.
  • After you have received your Australian study visa, please contact us if you need the College to arrange your accommodation. Alternatively you may find your own accommodation using the following websites: